Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fashion and Politics... One is More Fun than the Other

Pinterest Outfit Inspo
And #2

Dress and Sweater: H&M; Boots: Target

I've been pretty obsessed with this look for awhile now but kept getting discouraged by how expensive the boots were that people recommended buying. Until one day recently I was in Target and came across practically the cheaper version of Steve Madden's over the knee boot. I love the idea of the sexy shorter dress with a chunky sweater and boots, but also love the look paired with jeans and a leather jacket, or a cute flannel. Really these boots can be worn with almost anything and be sexy. Maybe not something I would wear in my office, but definitely a good date night outfit or night out with friends. Glad I found these, and that they were priced so affordably at $49.99. Target again for the win! If you are ever looking for inexpensive boots that are great quality, I always recommend shopping at Target first. If they don't have what you're looking for, try Nordstrom Rack.

Back to work today after staying home sick yesterday. The cold everyone has been enjoying finally found me. A little Nyquil always seems to do the trick even if I'm not feeling 100% today either. Taking one sick day is enough to make me feel guilty, taking two days is unheard of in my mind. Too much to do at the office.

Happy Election Day. God is on the Throne, that's what I just keep telling myself. Also, talk about last minute but I still need to drop my ballot off...

Love and Fashion is more Fun than Politics


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