Sunday, January 1, 2017

Birthday Post: 2016 Recap and Goals for 2017

Can I just return to this moment right before we boarded our flight to London...!!!
Just me and my Boo
I had to include this one because... its so cute with a Christmas tree on top!

Moon Crew 

Lindsey and I got to visit Katie in San Fran which was one of my favorite weekends all year!


Laughed alot in 2016 with these goofballs
My love affair with Paris. This city will always have a piece of my heart. 
Celebrated the New Year with a few of my faves and other's not pictured :)

Goals from last year for 2016:

-Actually go to Europe!! (London, Paris and Italy- July/ August!)
-Move into Management in my Industry (February-Current)
-Run a Half Marathon I have never run before (I didn't run a half marathon this year but I did run Hood to Coast for the first time which has been a bucket list item for a few years now!) 
-Create more Tutorials for my Blog (I actually decided I wasn't super fond of the video tutorials. Friends ask me often how I curl my hair so I might still try to do a tutorial of that which might be fun. I need to play around more with my cameras video option before I do that) 
-Continue to Incorporate Fashion in my Blog (The majority of my blog posts were focused around fashion and coincidentally they were my most viewed blogs next to any workout related blogs)
-Learn how to use my new camera and maybe take a photography class? (I did learn some things about my camera but I will admit I still don't know all of the functions of my camera)
-Do something I have never done before that is really out of my comfort zone (The easy answer would be to say flying to Europe. I have never been a huge fan of flying and I was able to overcome an 11 hour flight from Germany to Portland! I also rode a Vespa through the streets of ROME! No traffic laws, and zero consideration for American girls who don't know what they are doing or where they are going. The latter probably takes the cake) 
-Go to a Mariners Game (Fail, I went to a few Blazer games and a Hockey game, but no Baseball games)
-To learn even more what it means to Follow Jesus (This year has been such a whirlwind, and with that comes different prayers and different ways I have learned to trust in the Lord)
-Stick with one Church and call it Home (I have more consistently been going to Bridgetown, but still not as consistently as I would like)

Goals for 2017:

- I would really like to run Hood to Coast again this year if my team from last year invites me back. With that goal I would like to avoid heat exhaustion this time around, because that was no joke!

- Go to Nashville, TN in the Spring!

- Visit Cayly in Orange County

- Begin planning my next international trip- Preferably to Spain! Most likely for 2018

- Begin applying for Community Manager positions within my company

- I want to purchase my own website and move my blog to that space

- Incorporate more work out related posts for my Blog

- I would love to collaborate more with photographers and do more fashion posts on my Blog

- Possibly start the process of buying a condo. It might be just to find renters to make side income.  Not sure yet.

Overall I want to Travel. That is what I have found a passion of mine to be. So I think a good goal moving forward would be to go somewhere new every year. How amazing would that be?! I found this year that traveling is the most exhilarating thing I have done so far in my 27 years. I wish I could have found that out sooner, but now that I know I don't want to stop planning to see new places and experience new cultures. I need travel partners, so please let me know if you too are looking for a travel friend!

2016 was made out in the media as one of the worst years ever. I can't say I agree considering all of the "firsts" I got to experience. Moved into management, bought my first brand new Jeep, Ran Hood to Coast, and went to Europe! What a great year it was! Thankful for the memories made, the relationships created and the experiences I will never forget. Let's see what 2017 holds! 

Happy New Year to you all, may your hearts continue to be thankful for all you have and may this new year bring many blessings! 

Love and Cheers!


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