Friday, January 27, 2017

Creative Date Night Ideas!

Just sitting in the cockpit no big deal
Huge shout out to Bryan (CJ's good family friend) for being our pilot for the day!
Because the candid ones are fun and he puts up with me when the wind blows my hair in my face
Well let me tell you my last weekend felt a little like an episode of "The Bachelor", being taken to the airport to go flying! I went to Corvallis on Friday to visit CJ and we both knew we wanted to do something fun while we had time together. CJ temporarily lives in Corvallis while he does a clinical rotation for Physical Therapy to complete his Doctorate program. So really we only get to see each other on the weekends. I asked him if we could do something outside the box for an adventure and on Saturday morning he surprised me by driving us to the Corvallis airport (I didn't even know Corvallis had an airport and I lived there for 4 years...!). This girl who not even 3 years ago was afraid of flying on large aircrafts was now all of a sudden sitting inside the tiniest airplane I have ever seen up close. What an exhilarating feeling it is to do something outside of your comfort zone like that with someone you care about. It really is an incredible way to bond with them! You should try it. And with Valentines Day approaching soon I thought it only fitting to come up with a few outside the box date ideas for you to try!

1) Go indoor skydiving at iFly (Not saying I would do this one... but you should! Haha ;)
2) Run a half marathon with your significant other
3) Go Snow Shoeing together at Mt. Hood
4) Surprise them with Concert Tickets to their favorite band
5) Head to the beach to make a bonfire on the sand and roast marshmallows
6) Rent an amazing car you have always wanted to drive and take your significant other to a fancy restaurant like Portland City Grill! And actually I just found out about this amazing company called Turo! They offer car rentals on any kind of car, truck, SUV and they even have luxury cars. You enter in your location and the owner of the car will even deliver the car to you. How cool would it be to get dressed up and take a lamborghini to dinner?! I would be so excited! The website makes it so easy to look up the kind of vehicle you are wanting. Definitely worth checking out to do something a little different this Valentines Day, and here is a link to their website!

Those are just a few off the cuff ideas of some fun dates that take slightly more effort but have a much bigger pay off! It's fun to get adventurous and do things outside your comfort zone. It teaches you to grow and trust and experience things you never have before! Worth it in my opinion.

Love and Epic Dates


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