Friday, April 28, 2017

Nike Haul

 My friend Grant got me into the Nike Employee Store last week... or excuse me **Company Store** whateverrrrr. The last few times I had been I struck out in the women's department and was pretty annoyed with the styling they were doing for awhile with the baggy really low cut out tank tops. A lot of my friends love that style and it works for them, but not my body top. I need fitted tops or crops for my body type. So when I went last week they had my style back and to be honest I went a little ham... :/
Not really feeling that guilty though considering I live in Nike outside of work for the most part. I exercise pretty much 7 days a week now and aside from that I am in nike for around the house and running errands and for bed even. So... there is my justification thank you for listening and for understanding my reasoning. Appreciate it. But really I just want Nike to sponsor me so I can get free stuff... Sponsor me for what you ask? I'm not even sure. I know I'm not famous or really all that cool but dreams are worth having right?! K. Glad we're on the same page. Ma ladies reading this, do yourself a favor and get into the Employee Store... excuse me **Company Store** if and when you can because spring releases are fire this year!
These blue pants with the mesh... Why didn't I buy them in every color....!?!
The Whole Haul including what I got CJ for Graduation 
These pants remind me of my soccer days

All white Sneaks I've been wanting!

Love and Athleisure Wear is Life (outside of office wear)



  1. KATE. Can we talk about how awesome you look?! Hard work is paying off! (You always have looked amazing, but still)

    1. Thank you friend!! I know you are killing it too with your training. It defenitely feels good to start seeing results!!