Monday, April 24, 2017

What's for Breakfast?!

When I was in LA two weeks ago, my friend Cayly who I went to visit made us breakfast a few mornings. She made us something called Muesli which I had heard of before and tried but had never really enjoyed until she made it for me! She inspired me with how good it was, So I thought I would share with you what I've been having for breakfast lately, because it's healthy and satisfying and gets my metabolism going before I even get to work!
I've never been much of a breakfast person as badly as I wish I was, so breakfast for me would usually look like a cup of coffee. Then when I got to work I would start to get hungry so I would heat up a frozen breakfast burrito, or I would have a banana. Well the breakfast burritos (although tasty) were not healthy in the slightest and the banana was never filling enough so I would be hungry just an hour later. So last week I challenged myself to get up just a little bit earlier to make myself breakfast and I have been following through and making healthy meals in the morning. My go-to lately has been Muesli and it's super easy! I put the ingredient list and the steps down below!! 

All items are from Trader Joes but I am sure you could find these products other places too. 1. Muesli 2. Flaxseed Meal 3. Chia Seeds 4. Almond Milk 5. Plain Greek Yogurt 6. Ground Cinnamon 7. Fresh Kiwi

Take a half cup of your milk preference (mine is almond) and a half cup of Muesli. Bring to almost boiling (don't want to scald the milk) and then let it simmer until most of the milk is saturated into the muesli. 

Once the muesli is cooked and most of the milk is soaked in, pour the mix into a bowl and add about a tablespoon of Flaxseed

Now add a little less than a Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

Add a half cup of Yogurt

Add 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon (or however much you like) This is the natural sweetener. Mix all of the ingredients all together. If the cinnamon doesn't add enough sweetness, you could add honey too!

I have been loving a fresh cut up Kiwi in mine, but you can add frozen berries or fresh berries or mango or whatever fruit you like! Oh and it tastes better when you climb back into bed with a cup of coffee as seen here ;)

I'm telling you guys, I have been doing some fun research on dietary things, and been working out differently at the gym and am really seeing results I like not to mention my body just feels better overall! It's been a slow process with minor improvements but if you keep at a routine with diet and exercise eventually you will start to see results you like and get excited about!

Love and Trying New Things!


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