Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Rustic Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Hump Day everyone! Isn't that the best thing about having Mondays off, that you get a shorter work week so it's almost the weekend again! Well at least that's where my brain goes. I'm already looking forward to after work on Friday and the rest of the fun things planned for this weekend that I will share with you later on. But for now I wanted to tell you about Memorial Weekend! 

CJ and I drove over to Eastern Oregon late Friday night and stayed with his parents and then the next day got a good workout in and left for the Tri-Cities to visit his great Aunt in the hospital. After we visited with her for a little while we drove over to Helix to watch his cousin ride some bulls in their rodeo but just barely missed his ride when we got there. Still fun to wander around the rodeo though, I just love rodeo season and I don't think I have ever been to another rodeo other than St. Paul. 

After the Rodeo we loaded up the truck and drove into the Blue Mountains to stay at CJ's families cabin. This place was certainly rustic and I didn't have a lick of cell service. CJ had to hook up a generator anytime we wanted power. But we had a great time! We hiked around, and enjoyed the peace and quiet and went fishing and saw lots of elk and deer. I thought I saw a fox, but apparently it was just a coyote... I'm clearly still learning. 

It was a low key weekend but we had fun just hanging together and enjoying the outdoors and got to hang with his family a lot which was great! Already looking forward to our next little adventure! Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather wherever you were and had a great weekend too!

Jean Shorts: Express; Top: Target
Went to watch C.J's cousin Connor bull ride in the Helix Rodeo, but we just missed him ride. Still love being around rodeos regardless!

Hiked around in the hills- Please make note of the pistol on my hip... 

Not a bad view.. the Hillside is pretty too I guess

It was fun seeing deer everywhere and some elk, especially so up close

Then we went fishing and caught some Trout that we cooked up for dinner the next night! This was so much fun!!

On our drive home we stopped at Multnomah Falls to wait out the traffic and went for a run/hike which was a fun cap to the weekend (even though I was dying trying to keep up a good pace for a workout with CJ ;)

Love and Restful, Rustic Weekends


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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty spectacular weekend. I am so envious. My own Memorial Weekend was so boring. It was spent cooped up at home.