Thursday, June 15, 2017

What I Wore to my Roommate's Bachelorette Party

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We celebrated my roommate's Bachelorette this weekend by going to Jack Knife to dance and have drinks. We got dressed up and had a fun evening celebrating her and her upcoming marriage! Crazy she will be married in less than two weeks! We even ran into my boyfriend's friend's Bachelor Party he was celebrating there... crazy what a coincidence! ;)

Usually I wear a cute/ sassy dress to Bachelorette parties but this time (mostly because of the cooler weather) I decided to wear jeans, a cute top and sassy wedges. Most of the time the Bride will dictate what she wants the girls to wear to the party so she stands out, but Christina didn't really care so I went a little more casual than I normally do. I think sexy dresses can be really fun to wear sometimes, but this past weekend I wanted to break out this cute off the shoulder top I have been saving to wear since Christmas time! So really... if the Bride doesn't care, than do what feels fun for you!

Can't wait for her wedding although it's bitter sweet to say goodbye to her after living together for almost 4 years! We will miss you C-Tips!!
Top: Express from Holiday Season; Jeans: J-Brand; Wedges: Charlotte Russe; Choker: Charming Charlies

Love and Bachloretting


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If I Wanted to Adopt a Puppy...

Before you say anything, no I didn't actually adopt a dog over the weekend. Part of me wishes I had, and the other part of me is quite content being a dog borrower not owner. I LOVE dogs. Especially stubborn, untrainable lemon and white Beagles like I had growing up. (RIP Reggie!) I am however very aware of how much work dogs can be, and I live too busy of a life to devote the time to a dog that he/she needs. My lifestyle isn't conducive to having a dog. I love that I can come and go whenever I want and leave for weekends without having to worry about a dog sitter, which would inevitably end up being my parents... and I know they don't want to dog sit every weekend.

Even though I am not currently in a place to adopt a dog I am very aware of the many benefits to having a dog. When I was single I thought a lot about getting a dog because having a dog around helps you fight feelings of loneliness and or isolation. They can help reduce stress and anxiety which seems to be what every Millennial struggles with these days. I know dogs are also helpful in getting you to be more active. I love having running partners and even a four legged running partner helps your motivation to be active and even helps you feel safer on your run.

I recently heard about a company called Puppy Spot that is a great resource for finding responsible breeders if you are looking to adopt a puppy of any kind. This company provides a health guarantee and a no puppy mill guarantee. They have all kinds of breeds to choose from and make the adoption process as easy as possible. If you are interested in adopting and don't know where to start, feel free to browse their website, and they even have a hotline you can call with any questions!

Jeans and Top: Express; Wedges: Nordstrom Rack a few years ago; Sunglasses: Ross
Thank you to my friend Abrielle for letting me borrow her puppy Winnie for an afternoon and for being my photographer!
Love and Puppies!