Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Perfect Floral Dress to Wear to a Wedding!

Got to be the plus one for this handsome guy
Dress and Heels: Lulu's - The slit is what sold me! 
Seriously the prettiest hotel
It's all in the details
So fun meeting Olivia and Kelsey!
Inside the Hotel 
About to leave for the rehearsal dinner; Dress: Nordstrom Rack (5 years ago...) Heels: Lulu's

Friday of last week CJ and I headed from Eastern Oregon up to Spokane Washington for his good friend's wedding on Saturday. Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at this beautiful castle with an amazing meal of Steak and Halibut. It was nice to meet alot of CJ's friends in a smaller setting. Saturday was the wedding and they had the reception at The Historic Davenport Hotel where we stayed the whole weekend. It was beautiful and charming and I felt so fancy staying there. The kind of hotel that comes with robes in the closet... you know what I'm talking about! The wedding was beautiful and it was fun to celebrate CJ's friend's and get to know them all better!

I was very much so looking forward to this wedding so I could finally wear my dress from Lulu's that I had been saving for this occasion! The perfect guest wedding dress! Shop Lulu's here! I tried to find the exact link to my exact dress, but I think it might be sold out. However... they have so many other fun flirty floral dresses to choose from! This website has been my life saver for all of the weddings I have coming up this season! Definitely check them out, they have a great return policy and they offer you discount codes all the time sent directly to your inbox!

This was the 2nd wedding of the season! 5 more to go!!

Love and Lulu's Obsessionssssss


Monday, July 10, 2017

Fourth of July Weekend and My FAVORITE Jean Shorts from THIS Season!

I just like him Ok?!
I also just can't stop kissing him...
This cutie little roommate of mine 
Off the Shoulder Top: Target size XS; Jean Shorts: EXPRESS Size 4
St. Paul Rodeo
C.J's Families Cabin at the river
Trooper doesn't get the joke
Handsome Model Dog Trooper

Another one of those weekends for the books! I had a 4 day weekend which was much needed and glorious. I drove over to Echo on Friday after work and CJ and I and a few of his family members headed to his river cabin the next day to spend one night. The weather was beautiful and the river was refreshing! Did I get in you ask? Does sitting on a nerd emoji blow up water raft count? CJ made me get in so that I would be forced to wake up. I think I took a total of 3 naps in one day that afternoon, I was so pooped! I was not purposely being anti-social, but CJ thought getting in the river would be a good refreshing wake up. However what he forgot was that I HATE to be cold. Like seriously hate it. So I compromised and agreed to get on the floatie in the river. After we BBQ'd for dinner CJ and I played a little pool, and let me just tell you the outcome. I WON!!! I get few victories with him, so I think my running total right now is 1. Shuffle Board and 2. Pool. I felt pretty great about myself. No lie. The next day we went to the airport to pick his parents up who had just flown home from Europe. Monday we drove back to Portland and laid by the pool on Tuesday before heading to the Rodeo! I just don't think it would really feel like the 4th of July without going to St. Paul! I love that place and we had such a good time. CJ hadn't been there before so it was fun to show him around and watch the fireworks with him. 

I just love the 4th! What a great Holiday and what a wonderful reminder of the Freedom we often take for granted. I am thankful I can proclaim my love for Jesus and that I can feel safe in my country. 

I have been looking everywhere for these shorts that have the lighter denim and the fray and the shape these do. I think these are the same ones and if not they are very similar! They are also on sale right now! Love that! 

I hope you all had wonderful 4th of July celebrations and that you got to have a 4 day weekend like I did. 

Love and Fireworks